What we do …

Our Love Ottawa team does a lot of interesting and challenging things every week.

We pray. About Everything.

We meet with leaders. To hear their hearts and spur them on.

We build teams. To work on a myriad of impactful initiatives.

We neighbour our city. Exploring the 100 neighbourhoods that make up our great city.  Looking for ways to create collaborative action to make them better communities for everyone.

So we put together a Prezi that describes some of what we do.


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Vanier Neighbourhood Study – Now Available

The research project in Vanier is complete.  We have started distributing the comprehensive report to stakeholders in the community.   Congratulations to Ashley and Bethany our summer researchers on an excellent job!

If you would like your own copy of the report as a pdf file we are making it available for download for only $15.

 If you are interested in reading about the experience our summer researchers had in Vanier you can still read the blog which captured the progress of their work.  Check it out at Neighbouring Ottawa.com 

In the video below, Kerry Kronberg gives a brief overview of what you can learn in the larger report.


The Vanier Neighbourhood Study from Richard Long on Vimeo.


Love Ottawa has a vision to come alongside the Church of Ottawa to bring transformation to the 100 neighborhoods of our city. As our starting point we chose the Vanier neighborhood as a place to do an in-depth study of its make-up and needs, and in conjunction with the churches there, develop a strategy to impact that area of the city. This initial study will help us to develop expertise, tested methodology and a format to be shared with other congregations and applied to other neighborhoods and regions of Ottawa in years to come.

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