Team and Events

Introducing Our Team

Introducing our executive team:  Richard Long, Sarah Jackson, Ken Roth, Gerry Organ and Joseph Kiirya.  We’re not really new to each other….

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What we do …

Our Love Ottawa team does a lot of interesting and challenging things every week. We pray. About Everything. We meet with leaders.

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Everything is Local

Everything is Local”. That now familiar phrase informs the way that Love Ottawa thinks about our city. In other words, the only way we will be able to…

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Love Ottawa is a city-wide movement that was birthed in 1998. We work to bring leaders together to love our neighbours in Jesus’ name.  We invite them to prayerful, collaborative outreach in every sphere and every neighbourhood of our city. We continue to expand the number of groups for pastors and leaders in every area of Ottawa and mobilize city-wide prayer initiatives.Our greatest effort is put into maximizing our corporate ability to love our neighbours in the name of Jesus by creating teams to work on specific initiatives.